If you are starting a new ecommerce site, creating effective product pages is a great first step toward  drawing organic traffic and converting them into customers

Every ecommerce site goes through ups and downs each year in traffic and conversions. But if you’ve noticed a persistent drop in numbers – or if you are just starting a new site, then effective product pages are an area where you should focus.

Every effective product page has certain attributes that make it work well. While many new online store owners focus on the homepage, they need to give the same care and attention to detail for the product pages. After all, product pages are where the money is made.

Features of Effective Product Pages

The whole idea behind a product page is to convey, quickly and clearly, what a product is or does, and make people feel like it is something they need to own. Every detail of the product page should support these main goals. Some of the most important features of an effective product page are as follows.

Product Titles

You want an approach that is catchy, informative and unique and used uniformly across all products in your store. This fundamental step is something many do incorrectly. Create a unique naming scheme and then, within that scheme, provide a unique title to each product that includes things people might search for: size, color, features, etc. If you’re selling shirts and your name is X Brand, then a description might be: “X Brand Long Sleeve Red Cotton Shirt XL.”

Use Media

Clear photos that show someone using the product will draw consumers into your site (think of how Amazon has images of people wearing the clothing they offer, for example). Video that anticipates consumers’ questions and answers them also is increasingly used to show the features of a product. If you sell clothing, include a sizing guide.

Product Descriptions

Here’s where the bulk of the writing comes in. In addition to the catchy and informative product titles, you need an introduction that quickly explains what the product is, what it does and how people can use it. You’ll also want to list its best features and practical information on issues such as size and fit – all geared toward providing someone with the information they need before making a purchase. A FAQ section can help in this area, as well. Finally, always end with a Call to Action that guides people to the next step in the purchase journey.


These days, people rarely buy anything (or visit a restaurant or hire a service business) without first reading reviews. Provide text reviews for your products from happy customers. This is another area where a video testimonial can help buyers make the step from shopping to buying.

Product pages may also include information that shoppers will need on the checkout pages. This includes payment methods, the end date for any deals currently being offered and any discounts they can get for ordering above a certain price range.

Effective product pages are at the heart of any successful ecommerce business. By writing stellar product pages, businesses have a much better chance of converting shoppers into buyers and growing a small ecommerce business into a big one.