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iFame Media is a sales consulting firm that understands and embraces the full spectrum of sales management strategies and customer lifecycle principles.  The concept is simple, any business looking to boost revenue growth must focus on creating a productive and high performing sales force.  Only then can work begin on optimizing the sales funnel.  Utilizing our unique and customized sales consulting approach, we can marry these two opportunities, creating a lean and efficient sales force producing top tier results.

A Unique Approach to Customer Acquisition and Retention

Any effective sales management strategy must prioritize the customer lifecycle, which focuses on customer retention and lead nurturing as much as, if not more than, customer acquisition.  The reasoning is clear, when you understand the fact that 80% of the sales leads that a company disqualifies will end up making a purchase decision from you or the competition within 24 months.  The creation of a robust lead nurturing and customer retention campaign is often where organizations fall short, instead they tend to focus on the more simple top and bottom aspects of the sales funnel.  Stop ignoring the customers you already have, by letting iFame Media show you how to keep the customers and potential customers engaged and ready to buy.

Look Past Sales Leads to Find Valuable and Loyal Customers

Demanding top tier results means embracing customer relationship management (CRM), allowing your organization to understand your customer base, respond to their needs and allow them to become your loyal advocate.  Considering that the most successful companies have twice the level of customer advocacy as their competitors, keeping the sales management strategies customer centric is critical.

iFame Media thoroughly understands that customer advocacy drives competitive advantage, enabling faster organic growth and lower acquisition costs.  Loyal customers spend more with organizations that treat them with respect, they also cost less to service and refer more customers who are like them. Learn how our approach can pay huge dividends by improving your revenue stream in a meaningful way.

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