Social media content provides an excellent way to create buzz about your business products and services. However, it’s important to consider the different aspects of social media marketing and develop a sound strategy if you want investment in social media content to pay off.

Businesses need to thoroughly understand what their current and potential customers want in the way of information, messaging, tone and images. What might seem like a great post to a social media manager might not work well if it’s not geared toward the audience. Much like when you plan a blog post, you want to start with ensuring it’s a topic people in your industry want to read about.

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For those new to posting social media content – or those who want to change how they currently do this part of their digital marketing strategy – the following offers strong, fundamental ideas that will boost your success rate.

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Businesses will have no problem finding advice on posting social media content. But certain approaches are definitely better than others. These seven have proven over time to boost views, likes and shares on social media.

Use Video

Video has everything a company wants. This includes the ability to explain something easily, create engaging visuals, use music and graphics, and also create content that is more likely to get shared. Making videos is something companies can do themselves, although consulting with professionals might give you the best results.

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Make Content Interactive

It’s the internet. People like to give their opinions. That’s why posting something interactive in social media often draws plenty of responses. They can include polls and quizzes, photo captioning contests, calculators and tests.

Make It Shareable

Shares and likes are the coins of the realm when it comes to digital marketing. When those with many followers share your content, you instantly are exposed to thousands of people who you might otherwise never reach. This means creating content so engaging – like good videos – that people want their friends to see, too.

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If You’re Funny, Use That

Not everyone is funny. But if you have funny people on staff – or, you hire a digital marketing firm that can provide “the funny” – then put that into play in your social media content marketing. This can be a dangerous area, as one person’s funny is another person’s offensive. But with the right skills, funny social media posts can pay off.

Use Emotions

While funny is great, evoking emotions is often more universal. The trick here is to pull a reader’s heartstrings without becoming maudlin or manipulative. Cat and puppy videos are a perfect example of this. They’re wildly popular because they evoke emotion.

Encourage User Generated Content

User generated content can range from great responses to one of your posts to sharing something a customer created (memes, photos, etc.) that relates to your product (like a video of someone using it). Good user generated content comes from interacting with your social media followers. Make sure someone monitors your social media accounts and responds to user questions or reacts to the best comments.

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Solve Problems

Solving customer problems, or fulfilling a demand they have in a certain area, is the cornerstone of every successful business. When people ask questions or state a challenge that they are experiencing related to your industry, it’s important to respond. Sometimes this involves linking social media readers to longer, more detailed articles on your website. And if the question is common enough, people will share your answer with other social media users.

These ideas provide some good places to start when planning how to do social media content marketing. It’s an area with still untapped potential for businesses. But it requires a smart approach to succeed.

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