Augmented reality is something that has been promised for many years. In the next few years, it’s expected to become more of a reality.

AR allows for putting computer-generated graphics or digital images into the user’s physical environment, typically through smartphone cameras. It’s closely associated with virtual reality (VR), which allows viewers to put on a headset and move through virtual environments.

Pokémon Go managed to finally bring AR into the marketplace in a way that people wanted to use. It allowed users to find and collect Pokémon in their own environment, allowing players to act as Pokémon trainers. It became an immediate sensation.

How can AR improve your business? Consider the following.

Augmented Reality “Shopping”

Imagine giving a potential buyer the ability to superimpose your product into their environment. Maybe they want to see if the furniture or appliance you are selling will look right in their living room or kitchen. This could also work with paint colors, clothes and many other products.

Traditional stores

Traditional stores can also make use of AR. Lego did it in their stores, installing a digital box with AR  that allowed customers to hold up their box and see what the model they had bought will look like when it’s finished.


Simply marketing the fact that you have AR capabilities will set you apart from competitors. At the very least it will create a buzz around your business, generating more interest in your products or services.

Cut Down On Returns

If given the chance through AR to see what a product will look like in their home environment, people will be much less likely to return an item. That helps your business by cutting down expenses on returned items.

Customer service

AR could also vastly improve customer service calls. Rather than trying to explain a problem over the phone or wondering if the customer and the service representative are even talking about the same thing, AR would allow customers to simply look through a camera at a device and see each part and function clearly labeled. Anything that provides better customer service will allow for much more satisfied – and loyal – customer base.

These are just a few ways AR is expected to help businesses improve both customer experience and the bottom line. Research the possibilities and keep an eye out for the latest innovations. The use of AR is likely to become common within a few years, and you want to be on the front end of the trend.