Start-ups and small businesses are the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, bringing jobs and new products to market every day.  In the early days many entrepreneurs will focus on product development, inventory control and other aspects of daily operations.  This leaves brand building and brand marketing in a distant second place, a common but potentially fatal mistake for your business.

Brand Marketing Helps Consumers Grasp Who You Are

Successful business owners and experienced marketers agree, early branding is critical to a small or emerging company.  A clear and powerful brand expresses what your company is and what it can offer to the consumer.  The inverse is also true, inaccurate branding of a new business can lead to your potential customers having a hard time understanding why your business exists.  A hard pill to swallow when you are just getting off the ground.

A brand is not about creating a choice between you and a competitor, it goes well beyond that simple philosophy.  Your brand and brand persona is meant to make you stand out, getting your potential customers to see you as the only true solution to the problem they face.  It is only then that your brand will live within the hearts and minds of your prospects, clients and in some cases your direct competition.

Brand: A Game Changer For Your Sales Force

Your potential and actual customers are not the only ones targeted in your brand marketing, your own employees are also impacted.  Creating the identity or foundation of what your company or product represents allows your sales team, whether it is a team of 1 or 1000, to feel confident in what they are pitching.  Establishing that trustworthiness and persona allows the sales force to hold their heads high, become the brand and exude confidence.  Confidence, as commonly known, is one of the traits needed in a strong sales force, thus brand marketing can be a game changer.

Logos are not brands.  Slogans are not brands either.  A brand is something far less tangible and much more valuable than some images with catchy phrases.  Your brand is everything the company stands for, it confirms credibility, motivates the customer and connects emotionally with everyone it comes in contact with.  Think of it this way, your brand is the promise that is made between your customers and you personally, on everything you are and want to be.

Need help establishing your brand marketing or does your brand need a makeover?  Contact iFame Media and let us help you improve sales by making your brand persona come to life.