The hottest app on the market right now is Periscope, which already is altering how business people communicate and share information.

Periscope, which Twitter bought in 2015, is a video mobile app that allows users to live stream video from their phone to whoever joins their broadcast network. In essence, it makes you a mobile broadcaster, wherever your location.

But the question for companies is simple. How can they put Periscope to use and improve their business operations?

Here are just a few ideas on how to use this versatile app. All either help humanize your brand with consumers and also maintain contact with others in your industry.

Periscope Uses: Live New Product Demos

If you are launching a new product, what better way to make a splash than by showing it to a live audience and getting immediate feedback? You can demonstrate the product’s best features and also take questions in real time from consumers.

Quickly Communicate News

Periscope allows you to immediately connect with those in your broadcast network to share the latest industry news faster than a blog post. It also allows for an immediate exchange of ideas about the news and how it could impact your business.

Meet with Influential People

As Periscope explodes in popularity, more and more so-called “influencers” are using the medium to routinely hold broadcasts with their thoughts on the latest trends and news in their industry, such as marketing. It’s also a great way to maintain relationships with movers and shakers within your industry.

Improve Relationships with Customers

Imagine being able to take customers on a behind-the-scenes tour of your operation, personalizing the relationship between you and your customers. Live video streaming from your mobile device gives you the opportunity to do that as often as you want after building a broadcast audience of loyal customers.

Expand Your Mailing List

One option you can use is to have viewers to leave an email address before they sign in for your broadcast, giving you the chance to build a larger database of customer and potential customer email addresses.

Showcase Your Services

Even if you don’t have a specific product, Periscope can be used to showcase the services you offer. For example, real estate professionals can use a live streaming broadcasting during a walk through of a property, giving potential buyers a better sense of a property than they can get through pictures and words in a static listing.

These are just some of the ways Periscope can be used to connect with your customers and clients, as well as with those within your industry. The main thing is to get the app and start discovering for yourself how it can be used to better your business.