Once, not long ago, marketing couldn’t be done well without having an online presence. Then, the issue became having quality content.

Now, the issue is about what kind of quality content you have.

Where once words and images did the job – and still are vital to your marketing efforts – it’s equally important these days to have video content.

Video once was a nice to have. Now, it’s become the predominant way people get information on the Internet.

Rise of Video Popularity

According to research from the Pew Internet Project, about 74 percent of everyone who goes online watches video. That includes those using desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

The reach is enormous. Cisco estimates that video will account for 69 percent of all the consumer Internet traffic this year.

But why is it an effective way to market a product?

Research shows that people are visual in nature. If they can see someone talk, read their facial expressions and pick up on their personality, they began to trust the person more. Or, as noted in The National Law Review, they “begin to feel a shared reality” with the person in the video.

Uses of Video In Internet Marketing

Simply making a video is not the answer in and of itself. But the good news is that with the cost for doing one lower than ever, creating video content is within the reach of every business.

There are many factors to keep in mind, including the following.


Whether you have a small, medium or large business, you must first decide what the budget is for your video project and then build ideas from there. While making a video is relatively cheap compared to the past, costs can quickly add up if you decide to go with a more ambitious production.

Speak to Your Audience

Make sure you present yourself in a way that speaks to your core audience. You don’t want cutting edge animation in a video for a product aimed at an older audience. And the reverse is true as well – doing something straightforward is not the answer if you want to capture the attention of a younger demographic. They’ll be bored in seconds.

Professional and Personable

A personal video featuring the business owner or someone who works for the company might work best, but only if that person comes across as professional and personable on video.

Do Something Different.

The Internet landscape is littered with videos that rip off previous, successful video campaigns. Don’t add to that number! You don’t have to be Martin Scorsese, but you do want to get creative and come up with something that is unique to your brand.

Hire Professionals

If your budget allows, a smart move can be to hire people who work with video. They specialize in taking your ideas and creating something that will work for your unique brand. But again, costs can be an issues, make sure you have a rock solid budget before you get into it.


Social media is the key element with promotion. You can have the greatest content possible, but it’s meaningless if no one sees it. Use the appropriate social media platforms to reach your target demographic.

These represent just some of the issues to keep in mind with video. But however you approach it, make sure to include it in your marketing plans. Video content is the future of Internet marketing. In fact, given the numbers cited above, the future is already here.