Brand perception refers to how customers view a company’s actions, image, products and services. A brand perception survey allows a business to find out how customers feel about their brand, including their level of satisfaction with products and services and how likely they are to recommend the business to others.

It’s a vital tool in brand management. Many businesses seek the help of a brand management agency in conducting a survey and in the overall management of a company brand.

The Importance of Brand Perception

In the digital marketing world, perception of brand can quickly make or break a company. There are many factors that go into making a company’s brand.

They include consumer reaction to a company’s products and services, of course. But it also includes a company’s presence online, including how they interact with consumers via social media and online reviewing platforms.

Brand perception is owned by customers. It is how they view your business. Examples would include Harley Davidson – it always conjures an image of rebellious freedom. Levi’s typically means ruggedness and durability. Those perceptions work well with those brands.

Factors in Brand Perception

Obviously, businesses aim for the best when projecting a certain image and way of conducting business online or through other advertising channels. But they are not always perceived in the way they want to be perceived.

While brand perception managers can help you handle all the details that go into managing brand perception, there are a handful of key areas to keep in mind.

The first, as mentioned above, are the concepts and images that leap to mind when someone thinks of your product or service. Another is the words people use when asked to describe your brand. Still, another is the emotions people feel when they interact with your brand.

An example of words that incorporate both concepts and emotions around a brand are simple to identify when thinking of automobiles. For example, people might think “safe” and “dependable” when they think of Toyota. They may also think “quality” and “prestige” when they think of Mercedes-Benz.

Questions to Ask on a Brand Perception Survey

In some cases, it’s best to ask straightforward questions that get to the heart of a person’s emotions about your brand. For example:

  • What two or three words come to mind when you think of our brand?
  • What emotions do you feel when you interact with our brand?
  • How does the brand make you feel?

You can also list words and emotions and asks respondents which ones they most identify with your brand. These direct questions often give you the straightest path to determine how the public views your business.

Asking if customers would recommend your brand also gives great insight into how they perceive you. You can do this either with a direct question or by asking them to answer on a scale of 1 to 10, how likely would they be to recommend your brand?

Another way of finding out how well you do in terms of brand perception is to directly ask what brand the customer prefers within your niche industry. You can leave this one open-ended or supply a list and ask them to pick a favorite.

These are some of the ways to get to the heart of how people perceive your brand. A brand perception survey is a valuable tool for businesses. The results can help you make changes where they are needed and get an edge over the competition.