If you are a business looking to improve your marketing strategy, technology now offers many ways to accomplish that goal. They include taking steps to optimize for search experience, optimize for voice search, create helpful content, create mobile first experiences and stay on top of marketing trends.

A professional digital marketing company can help guide you toward making those steps, as well as provide detail on how it can help your business expand its reach. The following gives a brief overview of each area.

1: Optimize for Search Experience

The idea of “search engine optimization” has now been replaced with “search experience optimization”. Starting several years ago, Google began writing programs for search that evaluate websites by considering what a user experience should be like. That includes factors such as site loading speed, mobile optimization, content and site structure. Good scores in these areas elevate a site’s ranking on search engine results pages. This is good news for quality sites, as it makes “gaming” the search engines much more difficult.

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2: Optimize for Voice Search

As more people use their smartphones for search, moving into voice search optimization has become critical. In the past, people created content using singular keywords or short keyword phrases (“rent a moving truck in Des Moines,” for example). With voice, people tend to use more specific, longer search phrases (“where can I find a moving truck rental place in Des Moines on a Sunday?”). To rank higher in voice search, marketers must use more conversational, “long tail” keywords that contain more specific information. It is one of the best ways to improve your marketing strategy and accommodate those who use mobile for search.

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3: Create Helpful Content

Content should be created for people, not search engines. Simply writing about a topic will result in the use of keywords that will rank the content higher in search engine results. Also, content directed at the audience will prove helpful to them. Content written for search engine results often turns into “word salad” that makes little to no sense.

4: Create Mobile First Experiences

As noted in the section about voice search, mobile is increasingly used by people to find products, often when they are on the go. This means sites must have content geared toward voice search. It also means that sites must be designed with mobile experience in mind first, not desktop or pad experience. Without mobile optimization, sites are next to unreadable when found via smartphone. That loses the site an estimated 52% of people who shop via mobile first, even if they eventually make a purchase using a desktop or laptop.

Mobile First Indexing Tips

5: Marketing Trends to Watch

Staying on top of marketing trends is an area where you can improve your marketing strategy. For example, the marketing world was abuzz in 2019 when data was released showing that mobile phones’ share of the worldwide market surpassed desktop and laptops for the first time. Mobile had 53.29% share of the market by the end of 2019. In the United States, that number was 54%. Those numbers show the importance of voice search and mobile optimization.

The above are smart changes every business should consider making to improve your marketing strategy and stay ahead of the competition this year. With the rapid changes that happen in the digital world, there’s a wealth of opportunity for those who stay on top of the most significant trends and put the best ones into play.